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Devil’s choice social slots a new game play

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News added: Sep 16, 2017
Devil's Choice social online slots a new game play
Devil’s choice social online slots at Caesars free to play casino uses a pretty interesting game concept, it is new and it is unique.
Instead of spinning on a classic 5 reel video slots you will have just 1 reel and only 5 symbols in the game.
When playing the Devil’s Choice slots you will be collecting coins on a “ladder” where you climb up towards the jackpot. However, you need to watch out for the Devil, she just might take it all and null your coins collection.
You can always try collecting your coins before the Devil will take them away. 
Devil’s Choice online slots was not for me and maybe not for everyone, but it is worth a spin and so far you can only play it for free at Caesars Casino free to play
Take it for a spin and let me know your thoughts.

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