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News added: Jan 18, 2016
Latest news at for your best online casino news has finally reached the public eye, with a vision to create a fun enviorment where you can read and rate reviews for slots and online casinos.
The focus will be on slots which you can play socially as well as with real money at a trusted online casino.

Online casinos and slots is a popular product but not everyone can play slots with real money, due to it being restricted in some countries. It is not only about spending and winning, it is about the fun and great experience as well.
At least for me, I enjoy playing a slot with fun money as well as with real money but what I like most with slots is the art and time spent from all the staff behind an amazing slot. Just playing a smooth slot where you can see that passionate people have spend countless hours to create a wonderful experience for the end user.
The world of offline and online slots is big and it is hard to keep track on all the exciting slots out there, therefore my focus on slots which you can enjoy playing with fun money as well as real money online.
I truly hope you will enjoy reading and rating the slots, and that you will find your favourite one.
More reviews and news will be added we go along, so watch this space.

You are always welcome to share your experience and knowledge if I haven't tried out your favourite slot yet.

Let´s talk slots and join the fun!